Buy A Car

Order a 2010 or newer vehicle through our nationwide brokerage service for only $999 over the NADA trade-in value.
Select a vehicle from one of our sales lots for an everyday low price that is guaranteed to be less than retail....

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Lease A Car

Lease to Own pre-owned vehicles from our sales lot with origination fees as low as $299
Benefits of our program:
No credit check
1 year engine and transmission warranty.
1 year service plan
1 year roadside assistance
Return the vehicle at any time with no penalty

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Rent A Car

Rent cars, trucks, vans and SUV's for as low as $149 per week.
We also offer a rent to own program that credits 50% of your rental payments toward the lease or purchase of a vehicle.

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Become An Agent

Military Auto Centers is hiring all veterans and military organizations who wish to work as independent contractors - referring customers and receiving vehicles.
This is a great part-time job with good income for the individual or your military organization.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to sell, lease, and rent vehicles at the lowest price of any national chain, employ military veterans, and support military charities. Our goal is to make Military Auto Centers the place to go for active duty and veteran service members. Our company is committed to supporting military members and their families. A portion of our profits go to hiring more veterans, supporting military charities and providing vehicles, either free or at a greatly reduced cost, to our deployed service members and their families.

What we do

  • Sell Automobiles
  • Custom Buying (Broker) Service
  • Fixed Sales Price (Below Retail)
  • Rent Vehicles
  • Lease Vehicles
  • Vehicle Locating Service
  • National Delivery
  • Serve Those Who Served Our Country
  • Provide Jobs For Veterans
  • Support Our Current Military
  • Support Military, Veteran, Police, and Fireman Charities
  • Fixed Purchase Pricing

Our Leadership

Allen Lentsch

Allen Lentsch is an Air Force Veteran with over 30 years of experience in the auto industry.

Scott "Buford" Jestice

Scott retired from the Air Force in 2011 as a 22 year veteran F-15 Pilot.

Iven Rosheim

Iven Rosheim is a military veteran and the financing director for military auto centers.